The Story of Google told by themselves

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As an example of a post written in English, you can find here a piece of writing about the book “The Google Story” written by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed and first published 2005.

Inside the Hottest Business, Media and Technology Success of Our Time …according to the book cover.


a gripping book, written like a detective story…..expertly told.

Daily Mail


Did you know?


  • “Don’t Be Evil” the motto of this corporation.


  • It all began in 1995 when two Stanford graduates met, their names Larry Page and Sergey Brin…their intention was to put some order in Internet Wild-Wild-West (www) environment… They both shared backgrounds rich in science and technology.


  • Bill Gates made a small contribution to the story in a way, because the building where Stanford ‘s computer science studies were settled was Wiliam Gates Computer Science.


  • One of the professors in Stanford, Rajeev Montwani, refers to Brin and Page personalities in the book: ” They were both brilliant (….) but they were brilliant in different ways. Brin was practical, a problem solver, an engineer. (…) Page, on the other hand, was a deep thinker. He wanted to know why things worked.”


  • Brin was working on data mining, the way to extract information from large mountains of data. and applying the techniques to the disorganized Internet. Page was analizing data about Internet links..

letras de colores imantadas de diferentes colores y medidas pegadas sobre una base blanca y la única palabra que se puede leer es Google


The Page Rank


Page studied the links as the steppingstones between web sites.

Following the principle of scientific articles, the Page Rank is based on the number of links (references) one page has from other web sites (the more your work is found in another web as a reference, the more important it becomes).

But there were categories, also, for Page, as a link from The New York Times was more important than a link from a local newspaper, for example.

Nowadays, the Page Rank is no longer in use in Google, but it was the beggining of a system for managing web sites’ contents.

Google figured out how to make advertising on the Internet more effective by targeting it to individuals at the right moment: when searching for information, before they were in the web sites.

Now there is even a verb that means searching in the Internet, and it refers to a private company: to google








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